Entrevista exclusiva com o hacker/dev tydye81

Faz um tempo que quero entrevistar alguém da cena do Xbox 360 e decidi fazer algumas perguntas ao nosso amigo tydye81 que frequenta canais do IRC, que na verdade não é muito conhecido publicamente, mas merece nosso respeito e muito.

Segue abaixo a primeira parte da entrevista em Inglês que será dividida em duas partes e logo depois em português traduzido pelo nosso amigo sileandro.

NiceShot: Ok, tydye81 many people don’t know much about you, tell us a little about you/how you started in the Xbox 360 scene:
tydye81: I was reading online and I saw something about the glitch being released, i had heard of jtags before but I never had done anything or knew anything about 360s so I started designing a chip based on pics of the cmod board because they were hard to get online and I wanted to make my own and using gligli’s schematic ofc
anyway, it turned out I had a falcon xbox and it wasnt supported so I had to go in even deeper and I met the guys at rgloader during that time made the post sniffer to help them debug getting it to boot and I just started working with stoker since the rest of the scene didnt like us and it was hard to talk to even the people in #libxenon who were supposed to be all open source and chill lol I got banned for no reason, when I wasnt even in the room just because I started helping rgl

NiceShot: Did you have any previous experience with hardware or programming language?
tydye81: I had zero reverse engineering experience and did not know any assembly, xbox was my first

NiceShot: What did you have in mind when making your Post Sniffer, was RGLoder your main target or you had other plans for that?
tydye81: it was for rgloader, to debug that, the bootloaders and to find why my xbox wouldnt glitch, it led to the discovery of the rgh1 “hash” issue which is just what we call it the hash of CD in rgh1 changed glitch timing, still effects it so you have to change random bytes in CD header until it glitches cleanly on all mobos, its a pita

NiceShot: You told me you don’t hack/dev for the PS3 scene, why is that?
tydye81: I just dont have a ps3 and xbox keeps me busy enough

NiceShot: Do you call yourself a hacker?
tydye81: I guess so


To be continued lol


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